What’s the goal?

Lots of people ask – “What’s the goal of this trip?”

I do not have the answer. I say so. “Um. I don’t really know…”

Shouldn’t I know? I should. But I don’t know. I’m going anyway. I feel the need. The timing is right. I have to go. That’s all I know.

Tonight – (And then three dinners left in CT)

I was going for dinner at a wonderful oyster bar in Saybrook CT called Liv’s. Next door is an Arthur Murray Dance Studio with windows wide open to the street/sidewalk view.

Standing and watching the dancers and their tutors I commented “What makes people want to learn ballroom dancing in this day and age? What makes them, among all the choices one has in the world, say ‘I’m going to take ballroom dancing lessons’? Is it fun? They look so thrilled and happy. I wonder what it costs?”

And a woman sees us looking in, comes out the door and says “You should try dancing. An introductory private 45 minute lesson is only 25$. It’s fun and you’ll be amazed at the joy you’ll feel moving to the music.”

Oh she said a bit more than that but I was too busy with my jaw hanging open with the awareness that I asked the universe a question and it sent someone to me to answer it!

I said to Ray – “OMG that’s so cool! Did you see that? I asked a question and the universe sent the answer. I’m SO  happy – I feel like since I decided to take this trip all “the flow” is coming back to me!”

Fast forward 20 minutes. We’re inside eating. I relate to him how so many people are asking the goal of the trip and I don’t know what to tell them. I don’t know exactly myself why I’m doing this.

And my spectacular boyfriend looks at me and says “Oh Hollie, *I* know why you’re taking this trip? It’s so obvious. Do you really not know?”

“Um. No Ray. I really don’t know. Tell me.”

“You’re going on this trip to re-find your magic.”

And I burst into tears.

He’s right. That is why I’m taking this journey…….




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